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April 20, 2022 in Podcasts

Dr. Lynn Fynn #405

Lynn Fynn is an MD, Scientist, Early Treatment Advocate, specializing in virology and infectious disease.  She returns to the podcast to discuss the mask mandate for travelers being lifted, the…
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April 19, 2022 in Podcasts

Jonathan Choe #404

Jonathan Choe is a journalist formerly with KOMO News and is now independent reporting in Seattle, WA. On the podcast we discuss the sweeping of the homeless camps, what the…
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April 15, 2022 in Podcasts

Christina Bobb #403

Christina Bobb, journalist, attorney, and Marine comes on the show to discuss leaving OAN for her new role at President Trump's Save America, Russia/Ukraine, the border, some of the great…
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April 14, 2022 in Podcasts

Abraham Hamadeh #402

Abraham Hamadeh is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and running for Arizona Attorney General. On the podcast we discuss the role of the Attorney General, election integrity,…
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